Option 1:  Bare 2500/3500 8 lug Cv Spacer Delete kit  
Designed for lift kits that have 1.25 to 2" cv axle spacers
      Customer to use OEM parts on our 4340 Longer Bare Cv axle Shaft

$599.99  No Core Charge.
Option 2:  Complete 2500/3500 8 lug 4340 Extended Length Cv Axles with OEM AC/Delco
Rzeppa and Tripod joint
      Designed to delete cv spacers from 1.25 to 2" cv spacers.   

Cost $950.00 plus $300.00 Core charge.
                                    Will not accept aftermarket CV shaft cores.
Decreased cv angles greatly reduces chance of cv shaft failures and front axle carrier assembly

Ultimate Failure point designed to be inner tripod joint vs Internal front axle assembly shafts or
Aluminum Case

Inner and outer CV boot and Rzeppa and Tripod joint life extended drastically.  8 to 11% more
efficient transfer to front wheels.

Unlike any other cv axle option available our options mimic a fuse. Greatly reducing a possible
disastrous and costly front axle assembly failure, which could leave your truck stranded for days
to weeks.

Rebuildable joint can be field replaced in under an hour if spare part carried when using in harsh

Longer 4340 bare cv axle shafts designed for use with oem rzeppa and tripod joints or
RCV Pro 4
. (Pro 4 Joints only recommended with Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 GM IFS)
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Dynatrac Pro Rock 60 GM IFS
RCV Pro 4 joints.
Must Custom order longer length to get cv spacer delete.
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