"Applications and Requirements"
Torsion Bar Relocators are an add on that works on almost all
trucks and S.U.V.'s with torsion bar front suspension. The torsion
bars apply torque to most a-arms in an arc fashion. However this
torsional force is not dependent upon the location of the torsion
bar with respect to the a-arm pivot point.  The degrees of
rotational twist is what it all comes down to.
The relocators also require the Torsion Bar cross-member to be
moved toward the rear wheels ~ 2.5- 4 inches from it's stock
mounting location.  Unless using 50" long torsion bars!
    3 Options Available
Bare Metal $309.99, Prepped and Primed
, and Fully Finished $349.99
88-98 Fullsize  G.M.  (1500 - 3500)    

Fullsize  (1500 Non  H.D)*
(This Model may require fabricating depending upon lift height and brand)

01-10 Fullsize G.M. H.D. (1500-3500) =

82 - 04  G.M. (S-10)*,  (S-15)*,  (ZR2)  = Bare metal- $239.99
Prepped and primed- $259.99 and Fully finished in your choice
of Black or Metallic

97-03 Full  Size  Ford  (F - 150) and Expedition.